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Published on June 29th, 2016

“Barrington? You can’t live in Barrington,” my father-in-law said matter-of-factly when my husband, Brett, and I announced where, in the vast state of Rhode Island, we would be buying a home. He shook his head back and forth like, you idiots.

I was surprised by his response. After all, we were moving from Scarsdale, New York to Somewhere, Rhode Island – his home state! My father-in-law lives in Cranston, a central location in the smallest state in the Union, and therefore was bound to be no more than 30 or so minutes from wherever we decided to live.

In New York, you can live in Albany, which is two hours from Syracuse, which is two hours from Buffalo, which is six hours from Manhattan. And don’t even get me started on how far away Montauk is on a Friday during the summer.

Which is why I thought my father-in-law would be happy with our choice of Barrington. But no.

Moving on. We told Brett’s uncle our plan.  Continue reading here.