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Typical day.  I’ll be driving around town in my car, singing along with Rihanna, making a mental list of things I did and did not accomplish, when suddenly, I remember: my sister-in-law’s birthday is in three days and I haven’t bought her a present!  Or, I need a hostess gift for Saturday night!  Or, I was going to buy a housewarming gift for my friend who finally bit the bullet and moved to the suburbs from the city but I totally spaced and now I have no time to get something fun!  Damn!

I yell at myself a lot in the car.

But now I can relax and pull over at the Five Corners, and so can you, because Current Home is here to answer all of our shopping dilemmas.  Anniversary gift for mom and dad?  Check.  Art for your daughter’s hip, tween bedroom?  Check.  Awesome new serving tray to jazz up your blah Thanksgiving table?  Check.  This chic, contemporary home accessories store has it all.  Click here to read more about this store in Scarsdale, NY.