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Melon CocktailsWe moms have it hard in May and June.  The social calendar that we tend to throughout the year virtually explodes for the spring season, with graduation parties and birthday parties and class parties and final exams and proms and cookies to bake and brownies to bake andteachers to thank and yearbooksto distribute and camp trunks to pack and backpacks to unpack and trip forms to fill out and letters to send to camp and Father’s Day to plan and little league playoffs and final recitals and band concerts and about a million other obligations that keep our heads spinning.  Until now. Because now, we have reached Nirvana.  We have reached the end of June.

Ah.  Say it with me.  The end of June.  Now exhale.

At the end of June, and well into July and August, Mommy needs – no, Mommy deserves – a cocktail.  Here are some of my personal summer faves.