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 Book Club Kit

Deepen the discussion with the official Daughters of Nantucket book club kit.

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Nantucket Seabreeze

A classic New England cocktail that perfectly pairs with Daughters of Nantucket and group discussion


  • 1.5oz of vodka

  • 2oz of cranberry juice cocktail

  • 1.5oz pink grapefruit juice

  • 1/2 lime, cut lengthwise

  • Club soda

  • Ice


Fill a highball glass halfway with ice and set it aside. Take one-quarter of the lime and use a small sharp paring knife to separate the lime fruit from the peel about halfway up. Set this aside.

  1. Then fill a cocktail mixing glass with ice and pour the juices and vodka over the ice. Stir. Squeeze one-quarter of the lime (the one that's not cut) into the mix and stir.

  2. Set the strainer over the mixing glass and strain the cocktail into the prepared highball glass.

  3. Gently top the cocktail with club soda. Set the lime that you cut the peel apart from onto the rim of your glass. It should look a bit like a sail!

  4. Cheers!

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