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Ocean State of Mind, Vol 1: Poop Happens

Owner Clearing Dog Mess With Pooper Scooper

When my family and I moved to Barrington, Rhode Island from Scarsdale, New York, I asked my husband, Brett, for two things: a puppy, and grass cloth wallpaper for my new living room.

Done and done. Our wallpaper is Phillip Jeffries Extra Fine Arrowroot in Khaki and I love it. Our dog’s name is Sammi and she is a Bichon Frise Shih Tzu Poodle, the regal Shichon Poo. I love her too. Sammi is one of those petite, designer mixed breeds with a name that sounds like a sneeze. She is the color of a caramel macchiato and has the disposition of a sleeping toddler. Just perfect.

But still, there is much more work to be done taking care of a dog than in looking after a bit of decorative wallpaper.

For instance, I have to walk the dog at 6:45 every morning, rain or shine. In rain, I walk right out of the driveway, away from the blustery winds off Narragansett Bay. For shine, I guide her left, down towards the expansive view and briny scent of the beach.

I have only one complaint about my dog. This complaint is actually a complaint about other dogs in the neighborhood and their owners. It is, in that way, a complaint about Barrington, and since I love generalized exaggeration, it’s actually a complaint about the entire state of Rhode Island.

My dog likes to eat the poop of other dogs.

And yes, I blame Rhode Island for this.

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