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All I Want for Hanukkah is Christmas

Dear Hannukah Harry,

The first thing I want this year for Hannukah is Christmas.

No offense to my People. I love being Jewish. It’s just that Christmas looks like so much fun, don’t you think? Anyone who doesn’t celebrate it is kidding herself if she says she isn’t just a tad bit envious of the hoopla surrounding December 25. There is a tree to pick out and decorate. There are carols to sing. There is eggnog to drink. There are awful tinsel-covered sweaters to wear.

Harry, at Christmastime, you get to string colored lights on your house and put reindeer antlers on your dog!

Can’t I do it just once? For 2012? I promise not to celebrate it for any religious significance, just as the cultural phenom it has become.  Continue reading here.

#Christmas #religion

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