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How to Get the Most Out of Your Holiday Vacation

Step 1.  Ignore TripAdvisor

Every time I plan a vacation, I turn to TripAdvisor for advice, and you know what?  That’s a baaaaad idea.  That site totally messes with my head. I think I know what I want to do for vacation, and then I read awful stories written by pissed off people venting online, and then I get totally confused.  Here’s an example. For my 10th wedding anniversary, I was going to book a trip with my lovely husband, Brett, to Parrot Cay, a romantic getaway off Turks and Caicos.  Everyone I spoke to said it was amazing.  Jennifer Anniston was supposedly in love with Parrot Cay.  All systems were go until I read ONE REVIEW by a STRANGER saying that there was never enough food to eat at the resort and that I should bring my own granola bars and pretzels to snack on, because that place was so remote it was like vacationing on the set of Survivor.

I did not go to Parrot Cay.  I booked us at the Four Seasons, Nevis, which was hit by a hurricane two months before our trip.

We ended up vacationing in freezing cold NYC.

I like to think it’s all TripAdvisor’s fault.  That website should just be called ShutUpAndStayHome.  Continue reading here.

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