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Lululemon for Girls?! Yes, it’s True! Meet Ivivva

First, let me just say, on behalf of all the Lululemon-loving women out there with young daughters… OMG! When I heard that the Vancouver-based athletic wear designer Lululemon had an entire store of dance and yogawear for girls, I was, like, so excited. And then I was shocked, because, um, where have I been? How did I not know this important piece of info?

I immediately surfed the Internet and saw for myself that it was true.  Hooray!

As a former gymnast, dancer, diver and wannabe Knicks City Dancer, I know a thing or two about active wear. I know it has to flatter your body and not crawl up your butt. And, now, as an indoor cyclist and writer who sits around in sweatpants, I know that there’s nothing I’d rather wear for both/either activity than my Lululemon Gather and Grow cropped pants and a Cool Racerback tank.

Not to mention, I have a 7-year-old daughter who likes to pretend she’s a hip-hopping rock star.

Let me put on my journalista cap and get down to business, sharing what I know with all of you Lemonheads out there.  Continue reading here.

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